Location Recording

We bring the recording studio to you, Capturing the atmosphere of a live performance, or familiar rehearsal location helps bring out the very best performance of 'your sound' for posterity.

Experience! Reliability! Expertise!

Bringing the recording studio to you is the solution to this problem. It can be a logistical nightmare to arrange for a large choir or orchestra to travel to a recording studio. Booking enough chaperones/minibus/train tickets etc. need not be a problem!

Whatever it is you want to record and wherever it is you want to record it, Andrew at KeepingMusic is here to help. Andrew is passionate about creating the best recording for you; to save time, save money,  and get you the results you deserve.

Andrew will capture the ambience and essence of your performance in the surroundings of your choice. 

Nothing is too great... or too small.

Choirs, School Groups, Chamber Ensembles.  Solo Singers, Instrumentalists with piano accompaniment, Jazz Recordings, Organ Recitals, Full Orchestras and Chorus...

Andrew specialises in recordings for choirs. From school choirs to professional chamber choirs, church choirs and choral societies. In addition, KeepingMusic undertakes a variety of mobile recordings for different musical groups:

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