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"His work as producer and sound engineer on this album, is of the highest standard, and confirm him as a true Artisan in the field of music production and post-production."  The ClassicalBanksy. 2017



Andrew can come to your venue to record your choir, orchestra, school groups or vocals. Alternatively, he has a selection of local venues with beautiful acoustics ideal for recording. Recording live concerts is a great way to promote your music.


Andrew writes and produces music for film soundtracks, gaming, adverts, videos, jingles and media productions. He offers both sound design and full score compositions. He has just launched "Indigenous" his first album of cinematic original compositions.


Andrew records albums, taking it from the first recorded note to the final printed CD's and worldwide online distribution. He can include all artwork and arrangements.


With the present-day craving for video/film material, KeepingMusic has

introduced a NEW OPTIONAL opportunity to produce compelling promotional video

content to accompany the high quality audio recording. This can add an

immediate and classy marketing opportunity to promote you, your organization

or your product on your website, YouTube or any social media platform.



Take a look at some of our recent examples and hear what our clients have said

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Record a professional demo disc for self promotion or fulfill a lifelong ambition of producing an amazing track of yourself singing like the pros! Also take a look at the Gift Pack Offers that you can present to friends or relatives too.


Andrew offers packages for mixing and mastering pre-recorded material for all platforms. Give a much more prefessional polish to your final sound.


Andrew offers a bespoke package, including workshops for students in working in the recording industry. He also offers theraputic sessions working with learning disabilities, emotional, behavioral, and communication difficulties.

Having spent over twenty five years as a professional guitarist, Andrew has recorded in many of the famous recording establishments around the world, working alongside some of the most illustrious and respected sound engineers, producers, mixers and mastering technicians in the business.

Seven years ago, Andrew decided to record his own album from start to finish. He then embarked (somewhat naively) on a voyage of discovery into the fascinating world of  music technology. Today, he uses many of the techniques and tips he has acquired from the masters, whilst avoiding the flaws of the bad,  and incorporates them into his own recordings. Andrew aims to capture the ambience and essence of your performance in the surroundings of your choice. He believes it is of great importance to give the performer/conductor the opportunity to work as part producer on a project, thereby having a greater role in the overall final sound produced.


With his years of experience, musicality, good ear and people skills, Andrew takes the stress and intimidating atmosphere out of the studio and gives the performers the opportunity to produce the very best performance they can.

Andrew is a certified Apple Digital Master. Formerly known as Mastered for ITunes.

Andrew was awarded a Fellowship of the Incorporated Society of Musicians in 2017 for for his contribution to the music industry and 15 years' work on various committees including the Performers and Composers Section Committee.

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