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Recording Techniques & Production Workshops


Record your own demo track in a professional live studio environment with a highly experienced Classical Guitarist/ Recording artist/ Producer and Engineer.


This workshop offers advanced Classical Music students the opportunity to experience a live recording environment, understand the techniques involved. Each student will come away with a completely mixed and mastered demo track.

This workshop gives everyone a head start in learning how to feel comfortable in the studio, giving them the confidence to know what to ask for and to ensure that they are happy with the results of their hard earned practice.


Workshop Timetable


  • Listen to a selection of different recordings from some of your favourite Classical Musicians.

    This will give you a chance to listen with 'different ears' to the variations in recorded sounds of the instrument. Recordings can differ considerably simply by the placement of the microphones and the environment in which they have been recorded.

  • Understanding the studio equipment.

    A basic run through of the recording gear and how it links up. Getting to grips with different microphones and their correct uses, microphone placement and stereo recording techniques.

  • A basic understanding of the recording software (DAW), Mix Console and how it works.

  • Recording of Demos

    This gets the students involved in choosing their preferred microphone combinations and stereo micing technique. Finding the sweet spot and then recording a track. All students will help to record each other.

  • Tracking, looping and editing techniques.

    Understanding the techniques involved in editing the demo tracks, from choosing the best takes to editing them into a final track.

  • Mixing                                                                                                         Understanding the methods of mixing using EQ, Compression, and various plugin effects.
  • Mastering                                                                                                                       This is the final stage of polishing the recorded track, understanding levels and getting a radio, CD or Web ready recording for distribution.




“Recording my first CD over two days in a cold chapel in Eastbourne taught me more about the finer detailing of my playing than 4 years study at the Royal Academy of Music. Every aspect of the music, the clarity of technique coupled with the tones and timbres that I produced became augmented due to the microscopic detail of the microphones. As a result of that experienced, I became a much better and more appreciative musician.” Andrew Keeping


Andrew Keeping has been a performing Concert Guitarist for over 30 years, and as a session musician and recording artist has worked with some of the industry’s most lauded producers and engineers, in some of the most famous recording studios around the world. Six years ago Andrew decided to try to record an album of his own playing, and started to build his own home recording studio. During this process he learnt from many of the mistakes he naively made and studied hard to strive to find the perfect sound to reproduce on a recording. Many of the hours spent experimenting with microphone placement techniques, and how to use  different equipment efficiently, along with the years of invaluable tips obtained from the industries greats, has given him a great insight into understanding all aspects of the recording environment. Andrew has gone on to record professionally all genres of music with his fully equipped live studio.

Andrew feels that there is both a desire and a need for students to have a positive appreciation for recording work, as this is quickly becoming an invaluable and more accessible part of the music industry. As a form of self-promotion through sound bites sent worldwide on Websites, Soundcloud, Facebook and You Tube, the home recording studio and more affordable recording equipment is allowing musicians to reach a much wider audience with complete control over their own results.


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+44 973129951



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Andrew is an approved MfiT mastering engineer with  official Apple certification on their MFit Providers List.

Some samples:

"Andrew has recorded solos and ensembles for our School CD at Sutton Valence . He has shown tremendous professionalism and the pupils have enjoyed working with him. He has always demonstrated the utmost care in his work, even in adversity, recording concerts in difficult locations and with minimum disruption to the performers and the audience. The results have always been top quality."


Phil Horley—Head of Music, Sutton Valence School

"I got a really professional, great sounding song with me singing lead vocals on it! Which my ego enjoyed, but I have to say what really surprised me was Andrew's tips and tuition which was a real education."  Paul F


"Huge thanks yet again to Andrew for producing a slick, fast and perfect backing track for my One Woman Show - Never Fails! Such a talented Man!" Colette R.

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