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We make every effort to provide you with the best stress-free environment in which to bring out the best of you!

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A recording should not just be a soundbite of what has happened... it should be a rewarding experience for all the hard work and preperation that came before it. If the artiste feels relaxed and comfortable in a familiar surrounding, well prepared and confident in their ability...that's when the magic happens in a recording!

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Andrew specialises in recording instrumental soloists, small ensembles, vocals, soloists with piano accompaniment, choirs, chamber groups and orchestras. By coming to the venue that you rehearse/perform in, makes the entire recording process much easier and affordable for the client.


Andrew offers:

- Mobile recording services on location anywhere in the UK

- Post production & preperation of a Master CD (to red book standards)

- Clients are invited (though not required) to be present during the mixing and mastering phases.

- Solo vocals recorded over backing tracks. These will be sensitively mixed and mastered to sound like they were recorded as one, in the same room!

- If you would rather record in an alternative location, we can suggest/source some suitable local venues with a good quality piano! Andrew has a studio at Invicta Grammar School that can be used for larger groups, Bands or Duo's where a good quality piano is essential.

- Workshops on Recording methods and Techniques, to advanced music students that need studio experience. Andrew coaches in understanding the pitfalls and what to request from the engineer/producer in order to have a greater control over the final result. The students leave with a professional demo track that they have been instrumental in producing.

- Schools have the opportunity to record up to 20 tracks throughout the year to produce a disc of  the very best music the school has to offer. Alternatively, Andrew can record individual groups to present the school with single MP3's to add to their website.

Whatever it is you want to record and wherever it is you want to record it, Andrew is here to assist. By offering a location recording service, Andrew will save time, save money, and get you the results you deserve.


Equipment used:


Software - Cubase Pro 9 DAW, WaveLab 9 Mixing and Mastering Suite, Izotope Alloy2, Izotope Nectar2, Izotope neutron, Izotope Ozone 8 Advanced Mastering Suite, RX6 plus a vast array of Soundtoys, Sonnox, Sound Radix, Waves, UAD, FabFilter, Voxengo and other plugins.

Andrew uses the very best VST Sound effects, Native Instruments, Komplete 10, Kontakt 5, Massive, Battery 4, UVI Orchestral and solo instruments, Halion Symphonic Orchestra, SWAM, Halion Sonic, Addictive Drums & Addictive Keys, synths, loops and samples for producing arrangements and backing tracks.


Microphones - Se Electronics RNR1 Ribbon Microphone, AKG C414XLSii matching pair, MJE-384K "Roadster" Cardioid Capsule Pair,  Jolly MJE-K47H (matched pair), Oktava Mk012 with all capsules (MJ Moded) matching pair, DPA 4090, Rode NT5 (matching pair), Audio Technica 4033, Rode NT1A, GAP FC4, plus a selection of Shure sm58's, 57's & Beta 57's.


Hardware - Apple MacBook Pro, RME Fireface 802 Audio Interface, Total Mix FX, RME Quadmic Pres, GAP Pre73 Mk2. Roland GR 55 Midi Synth and Godin Multiac Concert Grand Midi Guitar. Plus LR Baggs  Active DI Box, TC Electronic Dual Parametric Equalizer, a selection of electric guitar pedals, Line 6 Pod and additional equipment if required.



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