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Filming and Recording Autumn/Winter 2018

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RCM Guitar Festival

Andrew recorded and produced a film of the Royal College of Music's International Guitar Festival. Including many of the leading international guitarists of today, including his idol John Williams.

Charity Film Music

Working alongside award-winning film-maker Max Blustin, Andrew composed the music and soundscape for two films drawing awarness of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Dissorders.

Autumn In Kent

Andrew set himself the challenge of filming the magic and beauty of his home village in Kent UK. Of course he had to write the soundtrack for the film in 1.5 hours!!

Latest News Summer 2018

Madgical Music!

Recording  Madgingford Primary School's amazing choirs and musicians. The  quality of musicianship from such a young group was a joy to record.

Guildhall and RAM boys recording.

Andrew was asked to record world-renown Counter-tenor Andrew Watts for a new work by composer/producer Simon Roberts. Old friends from the Royal Academy of Music.

BBC Tec Breath Control & Audio Modelling midi trials.

Andrew has been trialing the BBC Breath controller by TEC control alongside Audio Modelling Sample Engine SWAM to great effect. Look at the results on YouTube.

Audio and soundtrack for FASD Films.

Andrew has teamed up with award-winning film maker Max Blustin of New Planet Films, to work on two films drawing awareness of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Dissorders. Some stunning results.

"This is Me" by Madgingford Primary School Choir from Andrew on Vimeo.

New album release! "Indigenous"

Andrew is delighted to have just launched his latest album of original cinematic compositions. Recorded at his studio in Sutton Valence, this compilation of dramatic cinematic soundscapes are influenced by historical world events, indigenous soundscapes, gaming industry, famous film and literary characters and of course indulgent nostalgic memories of his past.

Each work has a nod to his favourite cinematic composers and genres.

We hope you enjoy the album! Please click below "Shop" to sample and buy tracks. A pdf of the programme notes is also available below.



Latest News

You Tube reviews and tutorials going worldwide!

Andrew's midi guitar tutorials and studio VST reviews is getting great responses. TEControl Breath Controlers and Audio Modeling companies are asking to work with Andrew on developing their products and ideas. Godin Guitars and Roland synths are promoting Andrew's videos too. Please subscribe and watch the videos.

All4U Fostering recording and Video.

Andrew spent the day recording for Foster Agency All4U. Arranging producing, recording, editing and then creating a video of their take on "The Teddy Bears' Picnic".


It was great fun and a lovely video to present on their website!! Well done all.

American Radio Interview

Andrew was recently interviewed on American Radio. Broadcast Jan 6th 2018. The interview ran for over an hour, and contained much of his work in the recording studio, as well as stories with artists around the world. 

Soundtrack compositions for Films & Adverts.

From October - December 2017, Andrew has been recording a series of soundtracks for short films. He has also written the music to  accompany the new Advert for the Charity  "United World Schools". Working alongside Carol Vorerman's voiceover.

"Napolitano" album launch to great reviews!

KeepingMusic has just launched the album "Napulitano", an album of the most beautiful Neapolitan songs sung by the brilliant tenor Andrew Morris and arranged for guitar by Andrew Keeping. The album is available on Mastered for Itunes, and all other platforms. Signed hard copy CD's are also available. Check out some of the reviews in the testimonials page.

"Time passes, Things Change" album release. Sept '17

KeepingMusic is delighted to have launched the album "Time Passes, Things Change" by Bob Mortimore. The CD is a selection of songs from the pen of Bob Mortimore. Andrew arranged, recorded and produced all the tracks on this album in his studios in Sutton Valence. The album is available for download on this website, I Tunes, or Spotify. If you would like to purchase a CD direct, please email on the contact page.

KeepingMusic has been visiting schools and giving workshops.

Andrew has been taking his music technology workshop into schools working with various groups using Songwriting, sound design and vocoders to create some wonderful original compositions. He has also been working closely with SENCO's in offering therapeutic sessions in helping those with learning disabilities, emotional, behavioral, and communication difficulties. 

FASD Charity Christmas Recording

"The Voice" finalist "Jamie Johnson", recorded with a family that won the FAS Charity Auction for A Recording Session with KeepingMusic. The family decided to record a Christmas favourite "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree". It was a great recording session, full of fun and something the family can treasure for Christmas's to come. Well done everyone!

Below is a sneak preview of one of Andrew's latest compositions to be included on his upcoming album "Indigenous". Inspired by a tour of the WW1 Battlefields of Belgium and Northern France, it tells of a young soldier during the battle of Passchendaele. Hope you enjoy!

Andrew has had the privaledge of producing, composing and working with some amazing young men, telling their personal stories of living with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Below are the results. 

Madgical Melodies!

Andrew has just completed recording some fantastic young musicians from Madgingford School, under the guidance of Natalie Hall. Some really outstanding brass playing. Hear for yourself with Natalie's arrangement of "Fanfare For the Common Man", and just remember these kids are aged between 8-11.

KeepingMusic approved by Apple as MFiT Mastering Engineer.

KeepingMusic is delighted to announce that they have been approved as a Mastered for ITunes mastering engineer. KeepingMusic will now appear on Apple's MFiT Providers List.   KeepingMusicl will be a “unique identifier” — when a label or aggregator would like a release to be badged and marketed as MFiT they will need this information to give to their iTunes rep.  


Andrew releases his own new solo album!

Andrew has just launched the release of his latest album "Classic Guitar" under the KeepingMusic label. It is a compilation of the most requested and revered classical guitar works from his repertoire. Available to buy from or most digital music download websites. Please view the promotional video for a taster

Just finished recording three tracks from Grease Musical performed by students and staff at Invicta Grammar School for Girls. Each part was recorded seperately without a click track. Some lovely performances, and a pleasure to work with such finr young musicians.

Have a listen to the recording of "Hopelessly Devoted to You" on the sidebar as a sample of their work.


Will Scott, one of the countries most outstanding young guitarists came into our studio to record his solo album over two days!


Will demonstrated just why this brilliant young artist is receiving such high acclaim.


It was a delight, as ever, to work with the extremely professional singer Alexandra Leckie. Alex is a professional of the highest calibre who records consistently in one or two takes, and always gets fantastic results!

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